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Hospice Services Offered

Hospice is a specialized form of medical care that seeks to provide comfort and maintain a patient's quality of life (to the greatest extent possible).  It is reserved for patients who are terminally ill, (with a life expectancy of six months or less, if their illness runs its normal course) and their families.*  If you or your loved one qualifies for Hospice care, you will work together with your Elevate Hospice team to develop a specific plan of care to meet your needs.  

At Elevate Hospice, our care focuses on our patient's overall or holistic well being by addressing your physical condition and needs, and any emotional, social and even spiritual/religious needs as death approaches. 

Some of the services you will receive while on hospice care with the Elevate Hospice team include the following:

Doctor Services - An Elevate Hospice Physician is part of your Hospice care team, and will follow the care provided and is able to make visits upon request and need.  You may also choose to include your current Doctor, a nurse practitioner, or a physician's assistant as your attending physician.   

Nursing Care - Elevate Hospice nurses will visit patients 1-3 times a week, and additional visits can be made if necessary.  We strive to maintain appropriate nurse to patient ratios to allow our nurses time to provide exceptional care.

Hospice Nursing Aide - Our aides will typically visit 1-3 times a week to help with personal care as needed, such as bathing and light housekeeping.

Social Work - An Elevate Medical Social Worker helps patients and their family members with emotional and/or social needs.

Counseling Services - Hospice patients and/or their loved ones might need dietary services, as appropriate; pastoral or spiritual support; and bereavement counseling for family and caregivers after the patient's death.

Medical Equipment - Elevate Hospice provides the equipment necessary to provide a safe, comfortable, caring environment in the patient's home. These supplies might include, for example, a hospital bed, a wheelchair, and oxygen, as well as briefs, bandages, and latex gloves.

Prescription Drugs - Elevate Hospice typically covers all medications related to the hospice diagnosis and those intended to control or alleviate pain and symptoms.

Respite Care - Short-term temporary assistance can help alleviate caregiver stress and burnout.

Therapists - If appropriate, Elevate may provide a physical, occupational and/or speech-language therapist.

Additional assistance - Additional services may be provided through the help of our volunteer and/or charity programs.