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Personalized Levels of Care

Every individual is different, everyone has specific needs, and the only way to address them when it comes to healthcare is to have a personalized approach.  When it comes to hospice care, this is no different.

The starting point of finding a hospice care plan that is adequate to the needs of a patient is to categorize each individual into a certain level of care.  At Elevate Hospice, we have 4 levels of care that are a starting point to address these needs.

The first is Routine Care.  Routine Care is when a patient resides in their personal residence and is provided services that are scheduled by qualified personnel from our team that is designed to support the patient and their caregiver in their hospice journey.  The residence may be at home, a group home, independent living, assisted living, or a nursing home.  Elevate Hospice professionals create a schedule of personalized care and routinely visit the patient to provide assistance.

The next level of care is Respite.  In this situation, a personal caregiver may be overwhelmed with the situation, and a higher level of assistance is needed to provide relief.  A patient is provided service for 5 continuous days at a predetermined location, in this case, a facility contracted with Elevate Hospice.  The goal is to provide intermittent relief for the personal caregiver.

General Inpatient care is when a patient’s pain or symptoms can no longer be managed at home.  The patient is moved to an Elevate Hospice contracted facility and provided regular nursing visits so that pain and symptoms can be evaluated and controlled more thoroughly.

Continuous care is a form of a more comprehensive care plan at home.  It is similar to Routine Care and combined with the services of General Inpatient, but takes place at the home of the patient.  This service is required to be authorized by both Elevate's Medical Director and Director of Nursing and is constantly evaluated while services are provided to ensure it is appropriate.

No matter what the level of care is, each one addresses the needs of the patient in an adequate way to assure pain and symptoms are under control, and every individual involved is provided support.

This is just a starting point of what we provide to address the individual needs of the patient and their families.

In order to know more about what you or your family member need, you can request an evaluation at any time.  We will contact you to discuss your eligibility and the next steps.  Hospice care begins with a referral, usually from your physician, but referrals can be made by you, family members, or even friends.

Do not hesitate to reach out.  We are here to care for you and your family.



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