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Comparing Hospices

 There are many Hospices available in the greater Phoenix area, and it may be difficult to determine which Hospice is best for you. Here are some questions you can ask when choosing a Hospice.


• From the very first phone call, is the staff helpful, concerned? Do they answer your questions?

• If you are uncertain about whether hospice is right for you, do they offer an initial consultation so you have an opportunity to ask questions and determine what you want?

• Are you within their geographic service area?

• How quickly will the hospice services begin?

• What is expected from the family caregiver? Will they help you find additional help if needed?

• What will their responsibilities be? What members of the hospice team will you see and how often? • Do they have a relationship with your personal physician?

• Ask them to explain their 24/7 availability in a situation when you need immediate help.

• How do they define "palliative" or comfort care? Are certain treatments automatically excluded? If you require expensive therapies or devices to manage pain and other symptoms, will they be available?

• What out-of-pocket expenses should you expect?

• Do they provide services for residents in different settings? A nursing home? An assisted living facility?

We recognize that the decision to elect Hospice care is a difficult one and there are a lot of emotions and uncertainties for you and your family. We consider it a privilege to be chosen to participate in this journey with you.

Hospice is designed to provide supportive care and services to persons who have a life-limiting illness. The focus of hospice is on the patient’s comfort and quality of life, and to provide relief for the entire family and caregivers from the burdens typically associated with this time of life.

Our goal is to help preserve quality of life and dignity for our patients. We will stand by your side to aide you and your loved ones by providing an elevated standard of care and support.

Elevate Hospice and Palliative Care provides exceptional Hospice and Palliative Care where employees are encouraged to do what they do best – care for others.

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